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Sallow Skin: What Is It, Causes, Remedies And More

Imagine this; You have an event to attend, but your face is pale and dull when you look at the mirror. To make the matter worse, it has changed its natural colour to brownish or yellowish. You will get tense and worried about what’s wrong. Your next act will be to cancel attending the event. Right?

No. Don’t cancel it because you have a minor issue of sallow skin you can get over after some time.

This article is here to guide you on what causes sallow skin and how to prevent it. Be relieved and read on to know about that issue.

What is sallow skin?

This is the skin that has changed its natural complexion to a yellowish complexion. It mainly occurs on the face making it look pale and dull.

To know if you have sallow skin, you will see the following signs;

  • Your face will turn its natural complexion to a brownish or yellowish complexion
  • Blemishes will appear on your skin.
  • Your face will become pale and older.
  • You will have a sick, worn-down, and tired appearance.

Causes Of Sallow Skin

Several things cause sallow skin, but the leading causes are unhealthy lifestyle and medical reasons. Let’s have a look at all of them;

1. Dehydration

Water is life.

I’m sure you know that you are supposed to drink 8-9 glasses of water in a day. But too bad, only a few people follow this rule. The majority only drink water when they feel thirsty, which is wrong. It is clinically proven that if you want to have healthy and glowing skin, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Still, drinking too many highly caffeinated drinks and alcohol is bad for your skin. The reason being, the two drinks are well known for deteriorating skin which eventually causes sallow skin.

2. Smoking

The doctors always say that smoking is not suitable for your health. The reason being; tobacco smoke reduces the production of collagen in your skin, which causes supple skin.

Also, nicotine hinders the skin from receiving enough oxygen and nutrients from the body. Lack of enough nutrients and oxygen will quicken the ageing process and make your skin dry, dull, and sallow.

3. Stress

When you are stressed, you feel so low, uncomfortable, unhappy and all you desire is to be alone.

During that time, what’s the look on your face??

It is pale, sad-looking, and unhealthy.

At some point in life, you can go through a hard time, leading you to stress. And that’s normal. But despite the situation, don’t let your stress level become chronic because it will affect your body, starting with your face.

According to doctors, chronic stress increases cortisol production. This leads to increased blood sugar and weight gain, and it eventually conquers your immune system. When your immune system weakens, your skin will be the first to be affected, and you will end up getting sallow skin.

During that time, try relaxing your body and doing exercises. You can share your problem with trustworthy friends or counselors.

4. Lack Of Adequate Sleep

True that you need to work and meet those tight deadlines, but you need to be healthy to increase your productivity.

When you are asleep and relaxed, your body releases hormones that help grow new skin cells. At times you can skip your 8-hour sleeping routine due to unavoidable circumstances. But if you do that for a long time, you will affect your skin. How?

As discussed above, your skin releases hormones to help in the development of new cells. So, when you fail to sleep well, your body will not release the hormones needed. So your skin will not get the required nutrients from the body. That will make it not balance its hydration levels. This results in sallow skin.

4. Sun Exposure

The primary source of vitamin D is the sun. But, excess sun exposure will damage body skin, leading to sallow skin. To prevent this, avoid staying in the sun for long periods. But if you have to, wear sunscreens to protect your skin.

5. Poor Diet

For every meal you are taking or cooking, make sure it is a balanced diet. That is, it should have starch/carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins.

Carbohydrates are energy-giving foods, while proteins are bodybuilding foods. Vitamins are immune-boosting food. They all play important roles in skin cell development.

For healthy skin, you need to feed more on immune-boosting foods and minerals. They fasten the absorption of nutrients. Eat lean meats, green vegetables, and cereals.

It would be best if you avoid fatty meats, sugary food, drinks, and dairy products. This is because they decrease the skin nutrients’ production, which causes sallow skin.

6. Lack Of Vitamins

Vitamins are compounds that a person needs for the body to develop and function normally.

For example, if you don’t service your car, it won’t function okay—the same case with our bodies. When you fail to provide your body with enough nutrients, it weakens, and the skin appears sallow.

Your body’s skin cells need all types of vitamins and minerals to grow and remain healthy.

  • Vitamin A- This vitamin does normalize the cells’ functionality and pigmentation appearance. This means that it manages to keep the skin healthy and glowing. It stimulates and thickens the growth of the epidermis by increasing blood flow and reducing facial wrinkles and sallow skin.
  • Vitamin B-12- This vitamin is also called cobalamin. It is from animal products or oral supplements, or injections. It helps the body produce new healthy cells and boosting energy. It also helps in improving your memory. It also prevents anemia. Low B-12 in the body leads to skin paleness which develops sallow skin.
  • Vitamin C- Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production. It keeps the skin hydrated and improves its tone to reduce signs of aging.
  • Vitamin D- It contributes to skin cell growth and repair. It also boosts the skin’s immune system.
  • Vitamin E- This vitamin helps support the functioning of the immune system. It’s the best for reducing the risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

7. Lack Of Iron In The Body

Anemia is the deficiency of red cells of hemoglobin in the blood. This means that your red cells are not delivering enough oxygen to the body. Anemia will not only cause tiredness, but it will also make your skin look pale or change its normal to yellow.

You can take iron supplements or eat more iron-like greens. Also, include B-12 vitamins in your meals to overcome this.

How To Prevent Sallow Skin

Do Cleansing

Always wash your face twice a day before retiring to bed and after waking up. Cleaning helps in removing excess oil, dirt, applied makeup, and other bacteria on the skin. The skin excretes oil even at night.

While washing your face, use a gentle, natural face wash and wash your face with lukewarm water using a bar of soap. After cleaning your face, wipe it with a cotton pad, then use a toner to remove the leftover dirt.

You can also buy a facial cleanser in the stores in your area. Go for the good one for your skin, and it won’t remove your natural skin oils.

Take Vitamin A Supplements

Vitamin A consists of so many nutrients. So when you buy vitamin supplements, you will take all the nutrients your body needs in one place. But first, contact your dermatologist to know which vitamin A your body needs.

Use Retinol

Vitamin A is part of retinol. This supplement is the best way to go if you want healthy and glowing skin. It solves many skin problems like wrinkles, sallow skin, and uneven skin tone. The best time to take it is at night as you go to bed.

Other ways of preventing sallow skin are; exfoliating and wearing sunscreen to avoid the excess sun from damaging your skin.

Can You Apply Makeup On Sallow Skin?

This is a common question for many people. Now, if you are a makeup fan and you have sallow skin, no need to worry. You can apply makeup to hide your imperfections. However, you need to go for the correct type of makeup. You can buy makeup with vitamins, especially vitamins A and C.

While buying makeup, check their labels well. Go for the ones with oil-free and non-comedogenic ingredients. This type of makeup will not clog your skin poles or accumulate dead skin cells.

Parting Shot

Sallow skin requires special care. But the best thing is that you can prevent it when you follow the above guides. The changes don’t occur immediately, and you gradually see good results as time goes by. So, it is best when you practice skincare correctly.

Moreover, when you don’t see changes even when you follow the procedures, don’t worry. It will help if you visit a dermatologist to examine you further.

To avoid sallow skin, live a healthy life.

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