What Does Jasmine Smell Like? Learn More About Jasmine Scents

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Jasmine flower has been a popular plant for ages now. The plant is a combination of shrubs and vines and grows mostly in the tropical and temperate areas of the old world. Some of the people grow it as an ornament.

How does it smell then? Jasmine has a sweet fragrance, feminine feel, and rich warmness. This is the reason together with roses it is also associated with romance.  Others would say it smells like a rose but with a white flower appeal. Perfume experts use ‘white flower’ to refer to scents made with jasmine or those that smell like jasmine.

Where Can I find The Jasmine Flower?

This genius shrub has over 200 species growing all over the world mostly in tropical and warm climates. In India, it has been a popular plant since ancient times. It has even been incorporated into the people’s culture and used in several functions.

The native habitats include the tropical and subtropical regions of Eurasia, Oceania, and Australasia. Other species have adapted to other regions of the world resulting in their scent being different. Examples include Spanish Jasmine, Brazilian Jasmine, Florida Jasmine, and Hawaiian Jasmine.

How Does the Smell Come About?

The smell in a Jasmine flower is based on the small organic compounds found in the flower. They include;

  • Benzyl acetate
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Linalool
  • Terpenes
  • Methyl benzoate

The unique scent peaks after the petal open up and exposes the organic compounds. If you add the unique looks of the Jasmine flower to the scent you get a wonderful asset. This is the reason why flower dealers refer to jasmine as a ‘one-flower collection’.

Top 5 Rated Jasmine Perfumes in The Market

1. Mugler Alien

Jasmine is included from the start to finish of making this perfume. The supporting compositions include wood and amber. The high-scented silage makes it more popular for women who want to stand out. The staying power of the perfume is around 12 hours which is quite impressive.

2. Serge Lutens Sarrasins

Musk, carnation, and flowers are added to jasmine to come with this perfume. The spices added to make it more noticeable than it would have been if it was just pure Jasmine. Cumin and Cardamom are used to underline the intensity of Jasmine.

The animal bases like musk and civet are also added to women’s perfume. The perfume will last at least 12 hours on your skin. You will surely get the value for your money.

3. Olene Diptyque

This is a summer and spring perfume as labeled by manufacturers. Narcissus, honeysuckle, green notes, and wisteria are mixed with Jasmine to come up with the perfume.

It is considered the most realistic Jasmine perfume as you can feel the full effect of the Jasmine flower. Compared to the other perfumes it is not complex but uses ingredients that amplify the effect of Jasmine. It is a good representation of a traditional Jasmine scent.

4. Jasmine Rouge Tom Ford

This is the best option for those who like daring perfumes. Amber and ylang-ylang are added to Jasmine to come up with this complex perfume. Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and bergamot are also added.

The perfume will strongly stand out for 2 hours. It will then get turned into your skin scent for over 7 hours. That is a workday of smelling fresh.

5. Serge Lutens A La Nuit

Moroccan, Egyptian, and Indian Jasmine are all mixed to make this unique scent. Some honey is added to the perfume to make it stand out more. Women are the ones who most appreciate this perfume as it also stands out at night. The scent is so natural that you feel like you are carrying a bouquet of Jasmine flowers around. It will start to fade after 2 hours of application.

Importance of Jasmine

The major reason for the cultivation of Jasmine is its rich and wonderful scent. It is therefore used to make perfumes and for gardening purposes.

In India, Jasmine is considered a sacred plant. The Indians believe Jasmine symbolizes hope, optimism, and good luck.

Some countries have given Jasmine a national status. For example, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Indonesia believe Jasmine represents love and respect.

Jasmine plants are also grown and used for tea-making. This is common in Asian countries where it is mixed with other compounds to make tea.

Roots of the Jasmine plant are dried and used to make sedative medications.


It is quite a task to maintain the fresh Jasmine scent when making perfumes. Only a few perfumes have achieved that partly and some are mentioned above. To get the best out of Jasmine mix with compounds that go with it. Lemon and green notes are the best combinations used. The importance of Jasmine is invaluable to society.

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